Introduction: Making of Egg Holder Tray Using Cardboard

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Hi everyone, in this instructables i made a Egg holder tray using cardboard box.

i enjoyed this project very much and it's interesting one.

OK let's start the process.....


Cardboard (2 ply)






4 Eggs for Demo

Step 1: Making of Main Tray

Cardboard size 10 inch (W) x 2.5 inch (H)

Divide this 10 inch into four parts. i.e draw a line at every 2.5 inch distance.

Measure 1 inch from the top side. Draw a line at this point.

Draw a semicircle from the top to the 1 inch line. Cut this semicircle area.

Like this make four semicircle on every 2.5 inch area.

For reference, Use the Pattern diagram

Step 2: Making the Main Parts

Now we name it as main center part. Make four pieces of center part.

Then, Cut 3 pieces of 10 inch (W) x 1 inch (H) of cardboard.

Take one center part and attach this small piece (10 inch x 1 inch) at the bottom end.

Now attach the another center part on the top of this piece.

Repeat this steps upto all three pieces attached.

Step 3: Making of Side and Bottom Part

Now make -- two pieces of 10 inch (W) x 1 inch (H) of cardboard (small)

-- two pieces of 10 inch (W) x 3.25 inch (H) cardboard. (Large)

Attach this small pieces into the bottom side of the Large pieces.

Attach this part into the main center part. the small piece should come inside.

Now cut a small piece of cardboard with the size of the bottom side and attach

it using fevicol.

Step 4: Making of Box Top Cover

for making of the top cover use thin cardboard (single ply)

Cardboard size -- 12 inch (W) x 4 inch (H)

Draw line with 1 inch distance from four sides ( Left, right, top and bottom)

Fold this cardboard at this Marked lines.

Cut the edges on left and right as referred in the pattern Diagram.

Fold the cutting area and attach it with the middle part.

Now place the eggs on the tray and close it with the cover.

for measurement and size -- Refer the Pattern Diagram.

For More Details watch the video.

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