Introduction: Metallic Chess Set

I always liked the game of chess and didn't know what to get my grandpa for Christmas so I made him a cool little chess set out of stuff I found around the house. You can find most of these items at lowes or Home Depot. I thought it turned out to be pretty cool and here's how it's made.

Step 1: Find the Materials

For this Instructable you will need,

- 64 new and old pennies: half old, half new. Make sure the distinction is clear.

- 52 nuts

- 16 small bolts, 12 medium bolts, and 4 large bolts

- 4 hooks

- A 6x6in piece of thin wood

Step 2: Glue on the Pennies

Glue on the pennies so that the new pennies are tales up and the old pennies are heads up or vice versa until you finish the whole board. Place every other piece a new one so it is more like your average chess set. Try to have the pennies touching so that the board will look neat and organized.

Step 3: Make the Chess Pieces

This is where the nuts and bolts come in. Each piece is constructed with the parts shown above, but you can change it however you would like. I have found that this configuration works best.

Step 4: Paint the Pieces

I painted half of the pieces to show the different sides and I suggest you do the same. I used spray paint rather than regular paint because it doesn't drip but you can use ether.

Step 5: Finish!

Put everything together and bam! your finished. I hope you have enjoyed making this and I would love to know what you think. This makes a great gift and any one can make it. I hope you enjoy. Thanks!

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