Introduction: Metallic Wall Art

I'm all about finding something costly and re-creating a similar look for less. This one is a favorite.


Blank canvas, variety of art paint brushes, black and brown art paint, metallic green cardstock, clear coat spray paint, picture hanging kit, scissors, glue, hotline gun

Step 1: Inspiration Piece

Locate an inspirational piece that you love. I located this metal wall art piece at a local home decor shop. It was priced in the $30+ range. I figured I could recreate the look for much less with just a few items. My recreation cost me less than $8 and my time (which was literally an hour and a half).

Step 2: Creating the Ground Work

I mixed black and brown paint until it gave me the dark brown I wanted for the branches. Using a thin art paint brush I freehand said branches. I retraced the branches to make some wider than others giving a natural effect. Allow the paint to fully dry.

Step 3: The Leaves

While the paint on the canvas dries, cut the leaves for the branches from the green metallic cardstock. The leaves were also freehand. Make several sizes and shapes to create a natural look. Cutout as many as you would like to fill the painted branches.

Step 4: Finishing

Once the paint is dry start gluing the leaves onto the branches by using the white glue in the middle of each leaf and hot glue the edges. This process makes the leaves adhere to and stay on the canvas. Simply place each leaf on as you desire making the picture as full as you would like.

Once you are satisfied with the look place the canvas upside down on a flat surface allowing the glue to completely dry. If the leaves look as if they want to bubble place something heavy on the canvas (while still up side down) and allow to dry.

Once the canvas is completely dry the last and final step is to use the clear spray paint to lock it all together. The clear coat of paint secures everything in place, gives the picture a sheen and prevents dust buildup (easier to wipe clean).

Allow the picture to completely dry, attached a hanger hook on the back and hang in your desired room. Mine is in my kitchen and I love it!

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