Introduction: Mick Yardreigh, Alias Black Mace (Mace)

For this instructable, you will need a lot of paper used or unused, hot glue, scissors, 2ft of wire, and pliers.

Step 1: The Handle

First, bend your wire so it's 1ft long then put it aside. then stack 2 papers and roll them so then its 1 long roll then tape the open side so it doesn't unravel then stack two more papers and roll them horizontally at one end of the other roll so it becomes a tiny bit longer than tape them together so they don't unravel. Then take your wire and wrap it in a third paper but make sure it's tight then insert it into the roll so its sturdy now you're done with your handle it should look like this.

Step 2: The Spike Ball

Start by crumpling a piece of paper and making it bigger by adding more paper once you are satisfied with the size tape it all up so it won't unravel. Then make small paper cones. Plugin your hot glue gun and fill the cones with hot glue and glue them on the ball your finishing result should look like this. You can paint it black or just start over with black paper to make an exact replica of Black Mace's mace.

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