Introduction: Microshot

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I know that I've said I will do mainly K'nex guns on this account, and for all of the K'nex gun fans, yes the instructions for the Ravager are coming but here is a fun little weapon I knocked up from a few things lying around the house. It is fun to use for target practice and using some airsoft BBs can even be used for a mini airsoft match if you cant be bothered to spend cash on guns you won't really use. Definitely worth the 5 minutes I spent making them!

Step 1: Step One

Take an old colouring pen, remove the ink cartridge, end and nib and cut it into a 3-4 cm length with a coping saw or a hacksaw.

Step 2: Step Two

Cut a 4 cm strip from the end of a modelling balloon. It doesn't have to be perfect but the longer it is the more the rubber will grip the projectile as it flies out, reducing the speed and the shorter it is the less power it has. Stretch it over the end of the piece of colouring pen.

Step 3: Step 3

Wrap some duct tape or electrical tape around the balloon to hold it in place permanently, then cut off the excess. You'll notice I wrapped the top of mine in tape, it isn't necessary but it makes it look better in my opinion.

Step 4: Step 4: Lock and Load!

To fire, simply put a cocktail stick in it, hold it as shown, pull back the rubber and let go!

We found target shooting to be most fun, but that could be to-do with our target. Sorry Trump supporters! After we felt 'Rump was full of enough holes we had a sort of mini airsoft battle which was surprisingly fun for something I made in 5 minutes!

Overall, this was a fun project and was definitely worth the short amount of time we spent on it, the only thing left was to make more!