Introduction: Microwave Pudding Pet Food Dish for Wire Cages

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A simple pet food dish that will mount on the side of a wire or mesh cage - handy for rodents and birds if you need a dish in a hurry and you're between pay days.
All you'll need is the small plastic bowl from one of those cheap microwave puddings, a small bolt with 2 matching nuts and the cap from a soda bottle
The photos are taken on a piece of wire mesh I had handy -  the rat in the cage was still new to the house and just starting to settle in. Because of the size of the spaces between wire, I used a wooden disc from a hole cutter to cover the bigger gaps

My first ible, so feedback would be most welcome

Step 1: Collect the Parts

Okay, you've got your pet fuzzlet (rat) sitting in the cage, looking at you as if to say "where's the food?". So, collect the plastic tub from a single serve microwave pudding (they seem to come in packs of 2 for $2 at discount stores here in Australia). Finish off your 600ml soda, pop the bottle in the recycling and keep the lid. You also need a thin bolt about an inch (2.5cm) long and 2 matching nuts. If the space between the bars on your cage is bigger than a soda bottle lid, grab a piece of plastic off-cut that's big enough. You may want to grab a small screw driver and possibly a pair of needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Placing the Support Bolt

Simple enough. You can drill a hole if you want it to be extra neat, or you could use the screw driver to push a hole in the side of the small bowl just under the lip. Push the bolt through the hole from the inside. Simple!
Put one of the nuts on the outside of the bowl and tighten enough to reduce spinning if your fuzzlet likes to bump their bowls.

Step 3: Adding the Soda Lid

Same sort of procedure as the bowl - either drill a small hole in the centre of the soda bottle lid, or use a screw driver to chew out the plastic. Push it onto the bolt with the lid top facing away from the bowl. Test thread the last nut onto the bolt.

Step 4: Mount Your Fuzzlets New Bowl

Okay, take the soda lid off again and its time to mount this thing.
Pretty simple. You hold the bowl up against the side of the cage, bolt poking through, at the level you want it to hang. Slide the soda bottle lid over the end of the bolt on the outside of the cage, thread the nut on, tighten until firm. Fill bowl with food and you're done.
I managed to dig up an older photo of two of these bowls in use on a standard rat/bird cage. You'll only need a bigger cap if your cage has huge gaps between the bars - as shown on the photos with the blue cage material.