Introduction: Microwave Potato

this is an instructable that will help you learn how to microwave a potato to be entered in the burning questions round 7.

Step 1: Materials

1. a potato
2. a microwave
3. a fork
4. some paper towels
5. one microwave safe-plate NO PLASTIC
6. an oven mitt or something of that sort to protect your hand
7. a sink with running water
8. a knife
9. a regular plate

1. butter
2. salt
3. butter knife
4. any other toppings of your desire

while these choices are optional they will make your potato taste MUCH BETTER.

Step 2: Preparing the Potato-Part One- the Wash

now take your potato, a paper towel and your sink with running water for this step. first, turn on your sink to cold water. next, put your potato under the stream of water and wash thoroughly (soap not needed). finally, dry off your potato with the paper towel.

Step 3: Preparing the Potato- Part Two- the Piercing

now in this step you will need your newly washed potato and your fork. first, place your potato on a flat surface. I suggest a cutting board if you have one. now, take your fork and pierce holes down the center of the potato going horizantally. it should look like the picture. this is a vital step as to help you cut the potato and most of all avoid explosion and a big mess.

Step 4: Preparing the Potato-Part Three- Ready for Cooking

in this step you will need your microwave safe plate and one paper towel. first lay out your paper towel along a flat surface such as a counter. now, place your potato in the center of the paper towel and fold the left over pieces over the potato. finally, place the paper towel with the potato in it on the microwave safe plate.

Step 5: The Microwave Preparation

to prepare the microwave for the potato you need the time and the tempature setting. a good time setting is 5-7 minutes and 6 minutes is right in the middle so lets choose that. since it is a potato it needs to be cooked well so the tempature setting is on high.

Step 6: Cooking

now you need to cook that potato. in the previous step I told you time and tempature so you should have that set on your microwave. now you take the potato that is in the paper towel on the microwave safe plate and put it gently in the microwave. once that is done press start. but we're not done yet. stay by your microwave in case of emergency or it is over cooked. after the first 6 minute cycle take it out using the oven mitt and put it on the other side. then put it in for another 6 minute cycle.

Step 7: Preparing the Potato- Part Four- Ready to Eat

now take your cooked potato using the oven mitt and put it on a plate. next, cut it open using the regular knife into 2 halves or just cut it open however you like. if you like toppings such as butter and salt like I do now is the time to put them on. if you have any other toppings put them on the potato now.

Step 8: Enjoy

now your microwave potato is done. eat it carefully it is hot. for a little jingle for potatoes watch the video.
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