Midland Man Cave

Introduction: Midland Man Cave

Frame timber bought at B&Q - £220 approx

Marine ply bought as overspill from industrial unit refurb. I paid £10 per sheet. 8 sheets in total.

Double glazed UPVC doors bought from Gumtree £50.

Step 1: Base

Area marked out - levelled.

Base built and damp proof membrane added.

Step 2: Walls

Walls erected an covered 3 sides with used aluminium printing plates - free!

Step 3: Doors and Windows

Step 4: Marine Ply Front

Step 5: Batens Added and Sealed/primed

Step 6: Insulation: Rockwool + Aluminium Sheets

Step 7: Interior Boarding

Step 8: Exterior Painting

Step 9: Interior: Flooring and Walls

Step 10: Finishing

Entire job took 3 long weekends and some evening to finish off.

It's been used as a sleepover den (sofa folds out in to a double bed) by son and daughter (and friends)

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    5 months ago

    Thank you - it was a labour of love :-)


    10 months ago

    Wow, that came out so nicely! :D