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Midnight Stalker

I promised you spooky Halloween cocktails and here we have the very first one of the season.  Midnight Stalker.  I was worried for a minute I was going to run out of ideas – last year I brought you guys over 15 different imaginative Halloween cocktail recipes for you to use at your Halloween Bash.  I have plenty more coming for the season.  They’re a lot of fun to concoct let me tell you.  And I’ve been waiting for this time of the year to roll around to bust out my Malibu Black I purchased almost a year ago.

Midnight Stalker is made with silver rum, lemon lime soda and Malibu Black (which happens to be brown -_-)  It’s a drink with a kick and a cool enough name to be served at any creepy Halloween Party.  Make it a part of yours this year.

Midnight Stalker

1oz Silver Rum

Lemon Lime Soda

Float of Malibu Black

Throw your rum in a shaker with ice and crush ice with a muddler.  Go crazy.  Crush the hell out of that ice.  It needs to be nice and crushed.  Pour into a collins glass.  Fill almost to the top with sprite (leave some room!)  Float the Malibu Black on top.  Watch it slowly drizzle down.  Happy Halloween.

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