Introduction: Mike's Hanging Kitchen Planter

Too many beer cans lying around? Not enough planters to hold your kitchen herbs? Not enough counter space for a regular pot? I feel ya.

Here's a pretty awesome tutorial that will help you reuse that beer can, save your counter space, and give you fresh herbs for your kitchen.

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Step 1: Materials

Empty beer can.


The ability to cut a rectangle in aluminum with a knife.




Kitchen window.

Step 2: Cut Hole Into Can

1. cut rectangular shape into can.

2. bend edges down.

3. mind your fingers.

Step 3: Punch Holes in Both Ends and Add Twine

1. poke a hole at both ends large enough for twine

2. mind your fingers

3. pull your twine through and cut a length long enough to hang the planter

Step 4: Add Soil and Plants

1. add soil

2. choose herbs, poke into soil (mine is chocolate mint)

Step 5: Hang in Kitchen Window

1. hang plant

2. done

Step 6:

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