Introduction: Children's Craft: Milk Carton Wallet

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Hey everybody it's momo. And today I'll be showing you a super stylish recycled milk carton wallet lots of people will envy;) enjoy

Step 1: Supplies

1- scissors
2- milk carton
3- template shown below
4- *optional* paper creaser. (It makes it easier, I do recommend it)

Step 2: Cut Out

To start out print and cut out the template below and tape the sides together (it comes out on 2 separate pages)

Step 3: Milk Carton

Open the top of the milk carton and cut down the whole side where I'm pointing

Step 4: Keep Cutting

Then cut every spot where I did In the pic above

Step 5: Trace

And on the milk carton cut around the template

Step 6: Paper Creaser

Fold all along the lines on the template note: this will take a whole lot longer without a paper creaser and your lines won't be as defined.

Step 7: Accordion Fold

Fold in and out on the traced lines and squeeze tightly

Step 8: Lovely

Put the hole around the cap and twist it on! Viola!!!

Step 9: Thanks •_£

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you have a lot of fun making this. If you haven't already, click that little button to follow, become a part of the farm family, and give a cow it's wings. Love you ^+^