Introduction: Mind Blowing Prediction Card Trick Revealed

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mind blowing prediction card trick revealed

this instructable will show you how to do a absolutely mind blowing prediction card trick! without further delay lets get on twit this tutorial!

Step 1: What You Need

1 a deck of cards

2 a different colored card from a different deck

Step 2: The Setup

put the card that is also on the different colored card on the top of the deck

Step 3: The Prediction

mention that you have a prediction and that it is fine if they see it. show the blue card by flipping it over on the top of the deck. pick up top card with it while you put the card on the table. make sure to hide the card under the prediction card.

Step 4: Shuffle/deal

ask the spectator to shuffle the deck then ask them to deal as many cards as they want onto the table after they are done shuffling.

Step 5: The Finally

put the prediction card on top of their dealt cards [ditching card underneath on top of the pile] and then show how they landed on the same card as the prediction.