Introduction: Mind Reading Number Game

This is a simple magic trick that anyone who can count to 15 can do! All you need is: Brain Ability to do simple addition Paper and pencil

Step 1: Setting Up the Game

Split a piece of paper into four columns. Label the columns, 1, 2, 4, 8* Then write down the numbers as they are on the picture. Your game board is complete. Double check it because if not done correctly, it will not work. *The 1 2 4 8 count as numbers in their columns, do not divide them from the rest.

Step 2: Performing the Trick

Once you find your target, have them think of a number between 1 and 15. Hold up the game board and point the column labeled 1. Ask if their number appears in this column. Do the same for the other columns. If they say yes, keep the column number in mind, each one they say yes to, add it to the number you've got. We'll do an example in the next step. Once you've added the numbers together, you will know theirs and will have read their mind.

Step 3: Example

Okay, let's play. Say you are performing the trick and I am your target. I think of my number. You ask me if it is in the first column (the 1 column). I answer yes. You ask me if it is in the second column (the 2 column). I answer no. You ask me if it is in the third column (the 4 column). I answer yes. You ask me if it is in the fourth column (the 8 column). I answer yes. I answered yes to the 1, 4, and 8 columns. So, you add 1+4+8 and get my number, 13.

Step 4: How It Works

The trick is in the way the board is set up. Each number appears only in the columns that make it up (like 1,4,8 making 13). If the number appears in every column, it is 15, because 1,2,4,8 makes 15. Now that you know the trick to it, you can set up the board without needing the picture. Have fun amazing people!