Introduction: Mindo Activity Scene - Tubbing- Instructable

Hi! My name is Paula Sanchez and I am in tenth grade, in the subject of Technology, our teacher assigned us a very cool task, which was to do a project of making a design in Tinkercad representing something significant from somewhere in Ecuador. I chose Mindo, a beautiful and touristy place, there is a great variety of flora and fauna.

There are many activities to do and one of those is tubbing. This activity is very entertaining since you go on top of some balls by a river that goes very fast and full of rocks. You go with a guide who handles the balls and you soak up everything, it is very entertaining and that's why I chose this activity and designed it.

Here I show you step by step how I did it.

Step 1: Choose the Shape for the Balls

Go to the right where the shapes are and choose 'toroide'

Step 2: Duplicate and Align

When you have the shape, you have to duplicate it, by selecting it and choosing a button on the top left, do that 6 times and then align them to form the shape of all of them together.

Step 3: Coloring the Balls

Then you need to color all the balls, the color is black, for this you select the object, click where it says solid, and choose the color black. Do the same with the other ones.

Step 4: Adding the Rocks

Then you go to the right, you click where it says 'generadores de formas' and choose 'todos'. Then you go down and you will see some numbers, like pages, go to the page 7 and select the 'Hi-res Parabolo..' shape. Duplicate those shapes by 8 and change their shape with the arrows around the shape so they are different shapes.

Step 5: Coloring the Rocks

Then, as you did with the balls, color the rocks but with the color gray and you place them around the balls and.... you are done!!!!

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