Introduction: Mine Craft Tree Farm

A small multilevel tree farm

Edit : this farm turns out to be very very slow stay tuned for a new one in the near future

I'll make another instructable when i get at least one comment.

Step 1: The Base

First thing to do is decide how big you want it. Ill build on that is  5x5 and hold 5 trees.
 Then once you find the area build a grid pattern out of wood or rock (each hole will be a tree) then souround it with chosen material to make a box. fill the empty spaces with dirt

Step 2: Upwards

now on the corners of you pad build pillars 7 high then bridge them make another pillar  and make a latter up.

Step 3: Level 2

to make level 2 make a cross in the middle of he frame then fill holes with dirt.

Step 4: The Roof

Build a pillars on the corners of level 2 then ether build another level or a roof.

Step 5: Plant

plant the trees in the dirt and places torch's on the cobble or wood or whatever you used.