Introduction: MineCraft Creeper Marionette

Minecraft became popular and has remained popular for quite a while. I designed this Creeper to be used as a marionette. Best thing about this one? No exploding when you get too close.




(2) Chopsticks or (2) Pencils of same length


(5) Small Metal Washers or Pennies

Tape Measure or Ruler

(6) Pages of Paper (preferably cardstock)

Creeper Templates

Step 1:

Step 2: Making the Legs

For this step you'll want (4) of the "MC-CREEPER_LEG" template printed on paper or cardstock.

You will also want (4) small washers or pennies.

Once you've printed the template, cut along the outside lines.

Then you'll want to fold along all the lines includes the white tabs.

Tape or glue all the trapezoidal tabs inside of the box being created, leaving the side with an "X" open.

Note: Leave the half circle tab out of the box.

Using a pencil or the tip of your scissors poke a hole at the "X".

Thread one piece of string through the hole and tape the end of string and one washer to the opposite side of the box.

Close and tape the remaining tab.

Repeat steps for each leg.

Step 3: Making the Head/Body

Print the template "MC-CREEPER_BODY-NECK" on paper or cardstock.

Cut the template out along the outside lines.


Fold along all lines and tape the tabs inside the box, leaving one side open.

Poke a hole in X found on the top of the head and thread an end of your string through the hole.

Tape (1) washer and the end of the string to the bottom of the head.

Close and tape the remaining tab.


Fold along all lines.

Tape tabs inside of the box.

Using the marked white boxes, tape/glue the body to the head.

Step 4: The Hips & the Handles


Print the template "MC-CREEPER_BODY: HIPS" and cut out along the outside lines.

Fold along lines and tape the tabs inside the box.

One side should have a rectangle, the other should half (4) half circles.

Attach the Head/Body to the Hips.


Take your (2) chopsticks or pencils.

Place them in an "X" and glue, tape, or tie them together.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

You should now have (4) legs and a standing creeper.

Using the half-circle tabs match and tape the legs under the creeper to the corresponding shape. Be sure to keep the string side up.

Now attach the string coming from the creepers head to the center of your chopsticks/pencils.

Then attach the string from each leg to the four corners of the chopsticks directly above each leg.

NOTE: You may need to trim the string to find the perfect length for your marionette.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Creation!

That's it! Enjoy your creeper marionette.

(I've also included here one file with all the templates.)

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