Introduction: Minecraft Arrow Machine Gun

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Make the ultimate but simple 8-bit gun that shoots arrows...lots of arrows! Use it to protect your home, castles, farms, zoos, or your favorite pet ocelot in an outdoor yard.

This gun was made using the PS3 edition and has been confirmed on the PC edition.

Step 1: Gather Materials.

Get the following items from inventory:


Redstone Comparator

3 Chest Full of Arrow




Redstone Repeater


Redstone Lamp

Step 2: Build the Clock Circuit.

Place down one hopper as normal. Step back enough to place another hopper, destroy it and immediately place another hopper to line up bottom pipes. See picture.

Stand on one of the hoppers and place the comparator and the repeater directly behind it.
Place redstone (dust) to the dispenser location of your choosing.

Add the lever near the hopper that does not have the comparator. Place a redstone lamp next to lever to show when it's activated.

Warning! Because hoppers turn off when powered by a lever, turning it on causes the gun to stop firing so turn it off when you're ready to fire. Make sense? :)

Clock circuit complete!

Step 3: Build the Machine Gun.

Place a hopper on each side with pipe flowing into the dispenser and then one on top.

Place one chest on top of each hopper as shown


Step 4: Load the Dispencer.

Load 9 stacks of arrow into the dispenser.

Load each chest with 27 stacks of arrow

Locked and Loaded!

Step 5: Activation and FIRE!

Toss the slimeball into the dispenser next to the lever. This can actually be any item in the game, I just chose the slimeball.

Turn lever off.

Fire!...All 5760 Arrows.

Step 6: Final Thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time to read and/or trying out my machine gun. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Something to think about...

This will be difficult to build in survival mode due to the massive amount of arrows needed. You'll also have to find the items as well if you're new to the game.

The location of the dispenser can be as many as 15 blocks away from the repeater without the need of another repeater to refresh the circuit.

Have adding a few victims in the line of fire.

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