Introduction: Minecraft - Atlas Class Duel Frigate

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Global lockdown still persists, but time to build hasn't stopped!

Given it is my 7th Anniversary of joining Instructables, I figured I spent some time on revisiting one of my earliest builds, and create an even better ship than before. So I introduce the Atlas-Class Duel Frigate!

Based off the idea "What would a giant Georgian catamaran look like?" and thus the duel hulled battle frigate was born. Inspired by the rigging and hull of such old-timer vessels such as the Victory and the Constitution.

I also felt inspired to accompany the build, pitting her against an old colonial fort, armed and ready to defend itself from the Atlas!

Overall, the detail proved tough to spread out, and the level of modification that would come with a catamaran style of construction required a lot more compromise than originally planned, but I believe it worked out well in the end.


ATLAS: White Wool, Black wool, varying shades of wooden planks and logs, varying shades of wooden railings, dark oak trapdoors, white marbled stairs, white quartz stairs, dark oak doors, red wool.

FORT MOULD: Oak logs, wooden planks, acacia stairs, coarse dirt, varying shades of wooden railings, dark oak trapdoors, dark oak doors, teal wool, yellow wool.

Step 1: Siamese Sailing

Building what is essentially an ageing catamaran with cannons required much more than just conjoining them. Due to the sails and width of the masts, I learnt it the hard way when it came to measuring the distance between each other.

Using a lighter wood gave the impression of a higher quality decking, maybe it is new? maybe it is regal of utility? regardless, it gave it a new look from the standard decking.

A white and black barcode hull came from the likes of L'Orient & the USS Constitution. What it lacks in subtlety, it has in striking good looks and a more refined presence.

The location for the anchor/s was a great idea, despite in reality, it would most likely tear the "umbilical cord" apart; nevertheless, I think it looks good.

Step 2: Sails of the King

The effect of gilded sails and rigging was created through diagonal
wooden railings and connecting the white wool sails with railings rather than just sticking them directly to the masts: gives the look of holed and appropriate sails.

Step 3:

Step 4: A Triple-Deckered Surprise.

Much like ships I have made in the past, the Atlas is no different in how I laid out the interior. A triple decked duel frigate, complete with an expansive brig for all the *totally legal* plunder that the Government sanctioned frigate totally did not steal from friendly merchants.

Build from the inside and not the out, work around the exterior first rather than start from the inside; that is the best way for block bulges to appear.

Emptying a water-logged deck is easier than you may think: fill up whatever cavity, then erase whatever you have filled the cavity in with, and it should be void of all water.

Step 5: The Establishment of Fort Mould

Fort Mould. Whether it was just poor planning or a deliberate invasion, it certainly does not look like it could take on the Atlas.

Based around forts and fortresses from the Ol' Wild West, Fort mould is an all log construction, unkempt and unrefined, all-naturale.

Nothing fancy or advanced belongs in such a forgotten coastal defense; albeit a few stolen cannon facing the Atlas.

Step 6: In Conclusion

The Atlas.

Consider it 96% completed, it needs a few tweaks here and there.

Overall, it was a fun build, and great to reminisce back to my first ship builds.

DW Top Tip:

From what i learned from this build is - work around measurement impurities: if you are one or two block out, work around it and build upon your mistakes.

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