Introduction: Minecraft Castle

Im going to be showing you how to build a castle in minecraft.

Step 1: Find Flat Ground

To start a good castle you need to find some good flat ground. you may need to flatten some of the ground yourself and clear all of the grass that has grown because it can get in your way when trying to build.. You can usually find these flat places in the plains biome.

Step 2: Entrance

You can decide to make your entrance however you want just make sure it is strong and big enough. if the entrance is not thick a creeper will be able to blow through without a problem. There are many things you can add to your entrance like a drawbridge or a moat.

Step 3: Wall Design

To build the wall you will need Cobblestone, Stone brick, Stone brick stairs, and Stone brick slabs. you may use the design of my wall but make it about three layers thick. You can add stairs on top of the wall to open a little entrance that you can shoot your bow and arrow through.

Step 4: Watch Tower

Once you finish the wall you will add towers in the corner of the castle to have high ground. High ground advantage is a must for a castle because all of the mobs will be under you leaving them open for an easy head shot. Watch towers actually add a cool design to castles as well.

Step 5: Lighting

Lighting up the place will help keep zombies, skeletons, and creepers out. You have to have light around your place so that you can see and you don't get invaded.