Introduction: Minecraft Dwarven Fortress Revisited

About: Minecraft is my medium. Blocks are my tools, and..well thats about it really. Consider me a virtual Minecraft Architect, but otherwise I am but a humble creative freelancer outside the realms of the internet…

This is my new creation, a dwarven fortress inspired by The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. This is my most favourite creation so far.

Step 1: The Exterior

Situated inside a mountain, the fortress's exterior consists of a massive front design and a big statue carved of a dwarven warrior, compared to Erebor's front gate. Behind the main gate on the other side of the mountain, the beacon tower of the iron hills, again compared to Minas Tirith's beacon tower in the Return of the King.

Step 2: First Floor

Coming out of the entrance, you come to a large empty hall. On the left is a stairwell leading to the second floor, and the right leads to the forge.

Step 3: Forge

You will need a large forge if you want to defend a large fortress. Equipped with 4 furnaces, crafting tables, cupboards and chests.

Step 4: 2nd Floor

Once you go up the stairwell, you come to two options "guard Embattlements" or "beacon tower". The guard Embattlements feature two sword cabinets, and two floors of posts and defence lookouts. To get to the beacon tower, you must take the left, which takes you to a extensive stairwell that leads to a dangerous bridge, compared to the Bridge of Kzadum dum of the first lord of th rings film.

Step 5: Throne Room

The main throne is situated on the 2nd floor, and is connected to the tower through a couple of staircases.

Step 6: Please Vote

Please vote for the fort contest! :) thanks very much