Introduction: Minecraft Gardening Tent.

How to make a Minecraft gardening tent. ( I remade it for the remix 2.0 contest. ) Here is the original link:

Step 1: Make the Skeleton.

( This is a bit different than the original one. ) Make the Skeleton of the tent. 5 blocks tall, and 5 blocks wide. Make it connect at top.

Step 2: JAdd the Floor Edge

( this way is different because you make an edge on the floor instead ) is Dig out the edge of the floor & fill it in with whatever block you used to make the skeleton.

Step 3: Add the Water.

( this time, for the water you do it at the edges & only 1 block by 1 block ) Dig 1 block wide 1 block deep at all 4 edges & fill in the holes with water.

Step 4: Hoe the Ground.

( now you have to hoe all the ground that's in the border of the floor edge ) Hoe all the ground as shown in picure.

Step 5: Place Seeds.

( now you have to place seeds on the hoed ground. This is different because the original version used pumpkin seeds which wouldn't work because you need a plain block space for the pumpkins to grow. ) Place seeds on hoed ground.

Step 6: Adding the Roof.

( this is different because the glass is in a different way so it looks much better ) Put glass all around the edges. ( don't put glass on the ends as shown in picture ) On top, fill roof in with glass as shown in picture.

Step 7: Adding Fences & Slabs

( this is much more different than the original version. You put slabs at the top & you put fences all over as it is shown in the pics. ) On top edges, Use slabs twice so they look like blocks. Do slabs in top middle as shown in picture. Add fences as shown in picture.

Step 8: Add Fence Gate

Add the fence gate on the side you want to be the front, bottom middle

Step 9: Add Torches As Shown in Pictures

( this version has torches so it won't have mobs spawning at night & youll be able to see! ) Title pretty much says it all X-)

Step 10: Tada!

Now you're done. Enjoy!

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