Minecraft: Instant Door Opener

Introduction: Minecraft: Instant Door Opener

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Hello again to everyone! Welcome back to another Minecraft build with COOLCREEPER69! In this instructable, I'll be showing you how to make a simple and compact Instant Door Opening build. Note that this build should be made in a version before 1.8. After the build, by standing on the pressure plate, the door will open instantly. This means,you won't bang into the doors while running to delay you.

☆You will need:

•24 Block Of Iron

•6 Redstone Dust

•4 Redstone Repeater

•4 Pressure Plate

•2 Iron Doors

Now you've got your stuffs, let's get building!

Step 1: Creating Redstone Platform

Make 2 oval shape out of blocks of iron, leave 3 spaces as you make the other one. Now make a w-shape using the blocks of iron, then create a 2x5 area with blocks of iron on the same level where the height of the oval is.

Now that you've got your platform to place all your redstones, let's get to it!

Step 2: Redstoning

Add 2 redstone dust in the oval make on each side and one on each w-shape structure on the sides. Now, add 2 redstone repeaters facing the redstone dust that was placed on the w-shape structure. After that, add 2 pressure plates on each end of the highest platform and 2 iron doors in the center of the platform.

Now, if you just run through the pressure plate, the doors should open instantly.

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