Introduction: Minecraft Map: Control Point 2 [A Sneak Peak]

Hello everyone Didexo here! Sorry I haven't been posting much, I've been very busy with school and I will be starting track soon in high school. Although, I don't plan on leaving this site, just be unmotivated to make Kne'x stuff lately. However I have been playing lots of minecraft and am working on this new map. Just though I'd give you a sneak peak :D.

Remember my old make called Control Point? Well this is a remake using better constructed redstone logic and an enhanced point system. Some cool features include..

-Custom items
-Lots of redstone logic
-Now team based
-Better looking map/buildings
-New point system
-And lots more....don't want to spoli anything :D

Enjoy the pictures..

PS: The map is about 50-60% done.