Introduction: Minecraft Mini-Game! Item Bounce! *Obsolete RIP*

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Hey guys! Happy New Year!!! I was playing skyblock to kick off the New Year and I was trading with some people and saw that they had a very odd trading system using stairs. I noticed the item bounced off the stairs when an item was dropped. I experimented a little and made a game I call "Item Bounce" It resembles bowling except you can't bowl in minecraft because there are no spheres. The objective is to get an item across the "lane" and onto a pressure plate in the back. This is just a fun little project I wanted to make for all of you because I thought it was cool. So I'm going to show you how to make it.

[Edit: Disclaimer!

I made this in Minecraft version 1.7 and some people have told me that it no longer works. I have not played in a while so I don't know if this is the case or not]

Step 1: Items Required

First off you will need to get

Stairs (any kind)

Block of any kind

Pressure Plate (Wooden, Iron, or Gold)


Redstone Dust

Redstone Block

Command Block


Redstone Repeater

Step 2: Building the Structure

To build the structure you will need about 18 stairs of any kind. First, place nine stairs in a row next to each other. Do the same but have the next set of stairs facing the first. At this point, you will have two set of stairs facing each other. Place two blocks of anything at the end of your rows and on top of that place two pressure plates. Next you be building the ceiling so that your item you throw won't bounce too high. Your next step is making some walls so you can make a ceiling for the game. You can do this by placing a wall that is three blocks tall next to the set of stairs so that the item you throw won't leave bounce off the stairs. You can move on to making the ceiling by placing another row of stairs but this time so that they are upside down and facing each other like in the first row. You are now done with making the structure. As an additional option you can place torches inside the little lane you made or make one of the walls out of glass so that other people can watch you play.

Step 3: Optional: Redstone

Now after I was done with this I thought it could be a bit So I messed around with redstone until I thought of a way to make this a bit more fun! If you send me some ideas I can make a new instructable with your ideas in it.

Anyway, I started to rig my game with redstone only to find out that it wasn't working so I tried again and it worked. This is how you can make your game a bit more fun.

Step 4: Little Tunnel

Dig a small three block deep hole under the pressure plates so that the block above you has the pressure plate on it. Then, dig the length of your "lane" so that there is a tunnel under your "lane". This is where you will be placing your redstone for whatever.

Step 5: Redstone

Under your pressure plates place two sticky pistons and two blocks of any kind on top of them. Then place some Redstone on top of the blocks that you placed on top of the sticky pistons. This will allow the sticky pistons to activate then place two Redstone blocks in front of your sticky pistons so that they will be pushed and retracted. We have this setup because the Redstone signal is too weak from the pressure plates. This was the only way I could think of to fix that problem. After your do this put down some Redstone dust one block away from the Redstone block. Continue to place Redstone all throughout the tunnel, stop to occasionally place down a Redstone repeater. When you are done you should end up at the start of the lane. Here you can place down a command block or dispenser for a prize. I choose to place a command block with this command for fireworks.

/summon FireworksRocketEntity ~ ~2 ~ {CustomName:"YOU WON!!!",CustomNameVisible:1,FireworksItem:{id:fireworks,Count:1,tag:{Fireworks:{Explosions:[{Type:2,Flicker:1,Colors:[1048471],FadeColors:[16764946]},{Type:2,Flicker:1,Colors:[16711680],FadeColors:[16711680]},{Type:4,Flicker:1,Colors:[16716906],FadeColors:[16711680]}]}}}}

I like fire works and this command launches three different explosions that would normally be from a firework.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Thanks guys for checking this out! I hope you like it. Don't forget to vote and follow if you want more! Message me with ideas that could make this project better! I really love the support from you guys. Bye now!