Introduction: Minecraft PE Seed for Builders AND Miners

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Hi again!!! I know I haven't posted in AGES!!!! But now I'm gona make an effort to do it more. Here's a good seed for Minecraft PE for the version 0.11.1

Step 1: Spawn

So when u load up the world (the seed will be at the end) u should be in an area with LOTS of trees.

Step 2: Looking Around

If ur in creative and u fly up and look around it should look something like the pics above. If ur in survival, don't dilly dally and get going to get some stuff. There r lots of caves with good stuff. I went to look around in one and I found soooooo much iron gold a good bit of coal and a bit deeper down I found DIANONDS!!!!!! The blue thing we all want!!! And I didn't even finish exploring the cave (because I was lazy) but one prob, I got lost... Not good. But I was in creative so I just dug straight up WHICH U SHOULD NEVER DO IN SURVIVAL!!!!! JUST STAIRCASE UP!!!!

Step 3: The Seed

But all in all its a good seed I came upon by accident so ye... Here is the seed above, in the picture, above, the words, that I'm typing, on my iPad, mini... Bye!!!!!