Introduction: Seed for Minecraft PE

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Ok I'm back with another handy seed for Minecraft PE survival. But it is also a really bad build idea I came up with so... Ya...

Step 1: Spawn

This is spawn

Step 2: Surroundings

These r ur surroundings.

Step 3: The Build

And here it comes... The really bad build idea. Plz plz PLZ!!!! Don't hate it in the comments. I'm just a poor instructable person trying to get ur approval. sniff* sniff* (got that from the you tuber MagmaMusen).

Step 4: Seed

Sorry about the monstrosity I built in my spare 5 mins (give or take). But here is the seed so u can build something better than what I did. How about, a competition. Put a pic of what u have built in the comments and in a month after the instructable has been uploaded I will chose a winner. So start building and have it done by 24 of the 9th 2015 so I can chose a winner by the next instructable. But only with this seed creative or survival. So go Go GO. I wish u all the best of luck. BYE!!!