Introduction: Minecraft Perler Bead Rabbit

Have you ever looked online for minecraft 3D Perler bead diys but only found creepers and steves? Have you ever wanted to build something else for a change? I have. That's why I made this. Now you can make your very own Minecraft Perler bead Rabbit! These fuzzy creatures were my favorite additions to both the PC 1.8 update and the MCPE 13.0 update. Now you can build them! Enjoy my instructions for these awesome creatures. You can also change the skin to whatever you like if you like the killer rabbit better.

Step 1: Head

To start, use tan Perler beads to form this shape:
Then hot glue each piece one by one. (Face, two brown layers, ear layer, one brown layer.)
Afterwards, add a light pink bead for the nose in the middle of the face. (I cut the nose in half to make it more realistic).

Step 2: Legs and Arms

Now for the lucky feet. Copy this template with your beads:
Also make two shoulder pieces here too:
Then hot glue pieces together.

Step 3: Body Part 1

Ok I admit the only reason I'm doing part 1 and 2 is because I didn't want to make a mistake in the body. (It was difficult to come up with it)
Here is the template for the body:
No hot glue for this one... Just put the pieces together like a puzzle... Er, 3D puzzle

Step 4: Body Part 2

Alright here's the last of the body. And here's the template:
Again put the pieces together

Step 5: Butt... or Tail

Here's the template for the but/tail... Whatever you call it:
Hot glue layers together.

Step 6: Assembly

Ok the easiest part! Mostly just hot glue the pieces in the correct order. Put tail on back of body, attach hind legs on sides of body, glue head on the top of the front body. Also put arms in front of body with shoulder pieces attached to arms and side of body.
After this step you are pretty much done

Step 7: Enjoy!

You are now finished! Give this to your friends as a present or hang it as a decoration. Plz like and reply in comments to tell me what you think.
Also this is not recommended to be a toy. If not assembled correctly it may be vulnerable to breaking. Post you and your rabbit in the comments below!