Introduction: Minecraft Pig Halloween Costume Head Coroplast

Last Halloween we made a riding Minecraft pig with coroplast body and moving head with fake legs. This year we made the pig into a hamster maze, and the pig head we turned into a wearable head. Normally this could be made out of cardboard, but the pig needed to be strong to ride, so the head is very strong.

Step 1: Material List

The head is about 11 inches squared. So I used piece of 48" x 48" piece of 1/8" coroplast

The pixel scale is about 1 3/4"x 1 3/4"

1 can of Rustolium Plastic Satin spray paint.

Black, white, and pink acrylic artist paint

3/16" drill bit

(12) #8 phillips screws 1" long

(12) #8 washers and nuts

6 8" zip ties

Bike helmet

Razor knife and ruler

Hot Glue/super glue/gap filler glue

Step 2: Head Cut and Fold

Since the pixels are 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" each I measured 3 pixels down and 2 pixels over for the nose which is 2 pixels by a little bigger than 2 pixels.

Draw out the corners of the pixels with pencil and leave an 1/8" gap on each side to rough out the size and location of the 4 squares and nose cutout.

Cut the head about 32 1/4"x 22" Make it a bit longer until you get a feel for the size of cutting and folding coroplast, because you loose about 1/8" on each fold depending on the direction of the grains and the width of your cut.

The top section of the head will be three squares 11 inches each with 1/8" groove cut in between each section.

The 4th square at the top also has an 1/8" grove and 2 1/8" wings that will fold under.

To cut the grove, slice only through the top of layer of the plastic in two spots, 1/8" apart. The section will fold at this spot. The 4th square is centered between the side one. This is the top of the head. The piece below it is where the nose goes, and has about a 3/16" cut-out at (5") and (9 1/4") top to bottom and (3 5/8"), (4"), (7 3/8"), and (7 7/8") centered on the middle square

Step 3: Assemble the Head

After cutting and folding the 4 sides of the head, drill a hole and put a screw in the top corner of the flap about 1" down and 1" in on both sides.

Step 4: Cut and Fold the Nose

The nose is about 4"x4" and is about 6 squares so cut it about 12"x 8 1/4"

Similar to the head, cut out 1/8" groves at the folding corners, also wings will be made at 2 1/4" in on the outside nose squares to mount it to the head. Fold it and test fit it in the head

Step 5: Mount and Trim the Nose Into the Head

Drill holes and screw the flaps out of the front of the face. Trim about 1 1/2" inch off of the long tab of the nose so it sits about 1/8" high inside the face.

Step 6: Back of the Head

I used (2) 10 3/4" x 5 1/2" back pieces, but you could also use one 10 3/4" x 10 3/4" piece with a 1/8 grove cut and 2" wings (over all size 15"x 10 3/4")

Drill and screw the bottom flap to the side of each face. Remove the top screw from the face step, drill a deeper hole through the back layer, and put the nut and washer back on

Step 7: Attach the Helmet

Attach the helmet by drilling 4 holes in the top of the head about 3" from the front and back and 4" from the sides.

String two sets of zipties through the holes on the top of the head, with the connectors inside the box and through holes in the front and back of the helmet. Keeping the connectors outside of the helmet will also keep the kiddos from getting scratched from the zipties

Get it to sit flat and level and tighten them

Step 8: Cut Eyes and Paint

Approximate where the eyes are by placing the head on the costumed.

Remove the head and cut the eyes out. Mine were just on the edges of the nose, depending on the size of the child and helmet.

The kid will have poor visibility with this design, because their eyes are looking through the nose, but they are wearing a safety helmet, so they can fall and bounce into things with little liability.

I cut two 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" pixels for the white of the eye, glued them with hot glue or super glue, and painted the ears, nose and snout after spray painting it.

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