Introduction: Flaming Torch: Build 4 for Under $50

I had to build some torch props, and it needed to do it for cheap.

For 4 torches I picked up some battery powered fan light torches from Oriental trading company. They are pretty flimsy and the switch is sad, and they are way tiny, but the flame they simulate looks good, especially in low light. And especially for $4

Step 1: Materials and Cutting

For 4 torches you will need:

4 oriental trading torches from the last step ($16)

You will need Brown, black and gold spray paint ($9)

5" of (3" PVC Pipe) $7

3" of (2" PVC Pipe) $5

12" of (1 1/4 PVC Pipe) $6

The pipe can be bought in 2' lengths at homedepot with the 3" being the pricest at $7

Cut the Pipe to length with a hacksaw or circular saw etc.

You will need some 1" course thread dryall screws (2 for each torch)

You will need a 1/16" drill bit, a 7/16" drill bit, and a screwdriver

Step 2: Drill and Screw the Pipe Together

After cutting the PVC pipe to length, take the two smaller pipes, and over lap the 1 1/4" pipe by (2") into the 2" pipe.

Drill a pilot hole with the 1/16" drill bit.

Next overlap the 3" pipe by (1 1/2") and drill the same pilot hole deeper.

Screw a screw through all three pipes.

Drill a second pilot hole and then screw through the pipes

Step 3: Drill a Hanging Hole and Paint.

Use the 1/16" bit to drill a pilot hole about 1" from the top on the back

Use the 7/16" bit to drill a hole to hang on the wall with another screw or nail

Paint the pipe with the brown first, then highlight/ age the edges with lines of black and gold spray paint

When it dries, drop the battery powered torch in and hang.

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