Introduction: Minecraft Pocket Edition TNT Cannon

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In this simple instructable I will show you guys how to make a TNT cannon in pocket edition you can also make this in xbox and PC version.

Step 1: You Will Need

1. TNT
2. obsidian/bedrock
3. water
4. Half slab

Step 2: Create Your Platform

With obsidian/bedrock create at two layered 3 by 5 play platform

Step 3: Add Water

Now dig a a 1 layer 1 by 3 line this will end up with you having a hole on the side of the platform add a half slab there. Now just place water to create a stream

Step 4: Build Up

Build one block up on either sides on the edge

Step 5: Lock, Load, and EXPLOAD!

First place a TNT near the opening then place one between the two blocks sticking up. Light the bottom one and...
Wait 1 second and ignite the top one (TNT block will explode in mid air best for use when plat form is near ground)
Wait five seconds and ignite top one (TNT block will land on the grouse then explode best for use when platform is high off the ground)