Introduction: Minecraft Spider Kite

We looked in the cardboard recycling and found this box for milk cartons. When you unfold it, it looks like a spider. But not just any spider - a minecraft spider! We could just imagine its orange eyes staring at us...


One 12 litre milk carton; more cardboard; scissors; scotch tape; poster paint; paint brushes.

Step 1: Painting

Flatten the carton. Paint the body with black paint, with orange for the eyes.

Step 2: Morphological Correction

Hmmm, spiders have eight legs not six. No problem - scissors to the rescue.

Step 3: Silk

Spiders spend their days high above the earth on fine silk threads buffeted in the breeze. Just like kites really.

We made the cords from thin strips of cardboard, pushed through slots into broader cardboard "handles".

Step 4: The Finished Article

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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