Introduction: Minecraft Star Destroyer - Superlaser

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Bring on the summer!

Part 3 of my mega build is live, and this is when the vessel starts to show its power!

now yes.....a superlaser on a Star Destroyer? its not canon, yet. i based by designs on various Legends designs from the past couple of decades, but this is a new look for the colossal starship.

As with the past post, i will be writing in bulk beforehand while showing the process in one long slideshow, so please do stay for the show, i am very proud of this build and im excited to see this take form.

Step 1: The Build

I based the designs of various standing objects from the universe; the laser itself is taken from both Death Stars, the laser barrel bizarrely made from the warp engine off the USS Enterprise, all while building it around the ordinary wedged bow of the ship, tunnelling the chamber into it rather than have it stick out of it.

This build consists of:


*Cyan clay


*Sea Lanterns

*Stone Bricks

*Black Wool

*Polished Andesite


Cyan clay was a better way to blend the chamber into the ship without standing out too much, while also giving off the impression that it was a modification rather than a designed weapon. the sea lanterns with the emeralds really worked well, given their distinct colour difference, the added gleam from the beacon in a way makes the emeralds glow.

when building the ships bow exterior, i went for a solid layer of stone, but it looked rather bland and boring; too factory new for a venerable warship which should of seen plenty of action. i tried to blister it extensively as you can see, but that looked even worse, so i went for a more grinded look. if you look at Star Destroyers on screen, they aren't baby-smooth, they are cracked and non-symmetrical, which i tried to replicate here towards the end.

The hardest part of this build was merely duplicating the body on both sides without going an extra layer too far, so this time i was really determined to get all the dimensions right, and i hope i have managed to get as accurate as possible!

After building this, looking at the finished bow, i could really see this monstrosity take shape. the interior is bare for now, as i will be working on them once the exterior is finished. please comment on how i could improve, or modify for next time.

June-July will be set on doing the engines, so keep watch on the horizon.

Thanks For Subscribing and keep building!


Step 2: