Introduction: Minecraft: the Smaller Enderman Cage

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Ever wanted to start a Mob Zoo in Minecraft? If you don't know this quick trick on trapping Endermen, the task of creating an exhibit for these otherworldly, teleporting creatures may be hard. (If you want them to stay in their rightful place in the zoo.) It sure is annoying when they escape, and not very aesthetically pleasing to the overall look of a zoo - if you're crazy about escaped mobs, like me. (o.O - I especially hate escaped villagers!)

Most of these techniques work in both the latest edition of Pocket Edition, (0.11.0, I believe, [um, the one with the squid? and bats?] and a couple of versions before that. I'm not totally sure which versions I've tried it on) and the 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 versions of PC, of Minecraft: these are the only versions on PC I've had it for - my PC copy of Minecraft is fairly new.

All you need is a computer, or tablet of some sort, installed with a newer version of Minecraft to ensure that in your copy, Endermen and the End exist. (It would have to be really old to not have the End, I'm sure, but some people have it, probably.)

OK! Enough rambling! Time to start TRAPPING SOME ENDERMEN!!!

*evil laugh*

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT try this in your favorite World! In fact, try it in a Superflat first! As you should know, Endermen are not only highly dangerous when hostile, (You shouldn't try this in Survival, either!) but they will pick up most blocks and move them (without permission)! So, before seriously considering making an Enderman cage, try it out in Superflat, or in a world you don't care about at all. Because, as we know, an Enderman can pick up some blocks, thus destroying the cage.

Step 1: Gather Materials in Your Hotbar.

In my hotbar, I collected the following items:

  • Enderman Egg
  • Diamond Sword (as always, it's good to have one for emergencies)
  • Netherrack
  • Redstone Lamp
  • Endstone
  • Bedrock
  • Pressed Ice
  • Green Wool
  • Purple Glass (It didn't end up working)


Look up the blocks that an Enderman can pick up and move. Then, make sure that you don't make your cage on your favorite world. Because, of course, they can pick up most basic blocks and can destroy your house.

Step 2: Building the Base

I used Netherrack in this example. It's pretty easy to build this part.

Step 3: Just Fill It In

Aaaaannndddd.... put a block in the middle to form a multiplication-sign shape.

Step 4: Build It Up

Simply place another block on top of the middle of the base.

Step 5: And Another.

And another. And another. There should now be three blocks protruding from the middle of your plus-sign shape.

Step 6: Simple, Right?

Now, just delete all of the blocks between the top block and the middle of the base. Make sure to hollow out the middle of the base.

Step 7: Spawn 'Em

Now, spawn an Enderman in the middle of the base. If you did yours right, the Enderman's head should just almost touch the top block, and his feet should be touching the ground.

Now, experiment!

Step 8: What Works and What Doesn't

As I mentioned before, all should be careful while creating these cages. I CANNOT assure you than any of the pictured cages can work except for the bedrock and Endstone, (non-movable blocks) but the Endermen DID stay in the pictured cages for three Minecraft nights. So, I assume they were trapped.

Step 9: Have Fun Trapping Endermen!

I trust you'll have at least a bit of fun watching these somewhat adorable (yes, I'm crazy) little guys looking around, confused as to why they can't teleport away. So, have at it and create to your heart's extent!

Show off your Enderman cages in the comments, and show any variations you make!


I'll be making more Minecraft Instructables: a variation of this Enderman cage, and how to have a bit of fun with Villagers. So keep an eye out for more!

Thanks for reading!

- Artemis