Minecraft Toilet

Introduction: Minecraft Toilet

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Step 1: Layout

This is the main layout of quartz

Step 2: Layers

Quartz again for the two layers leave space for two windows at the back

Step 3: Roof and Pains

Fill the roof with quartz and pains for the windows

Step 4: Toilet

Here is one of two toilets

Step 5: Second

This is the second toilet

Step 6: Doors

I used fence gates as doors

Step 7: Another Room

Build another room to wash your hands in

Step 8: Sink

Simple sink here

Step 9: Signs

A sign

Step 10: Another Sign

Step 11: Finished

Now this cool toilet is finished its your pls follow me and support the gaol of getting 25 followers

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    8 years ago

    Whoa! Cool!