Introduction: Minecraft UHC in Vanilla (1.8)

How to make a vanilla UHC (for those of you who don't know what UHC is theirs a lot of videos on it, but its basically survival of the fittest over a 100 min time and your player can only gain health by eating golden apples)

What you will need

1. a minecraft server (or you can do open to lan if your on the same network)

2. two or more players (recommended 8)

3. a new minecraft world with cheats enabled (i made this in a flat land world but usually UHCs are in normal or amplified)

4. a basic knowledge about command blocks (If you don't know how to use them here's the link)

5. a descent computer that can run about 50 or more fps while playing minecraft

Step 1: The Command Blocks 1

here are the 1st set of command blocks that run the game, these command blocks only need to be ran once to set up the games scoreboards, gamerules, and teams. they are labeled with 2 numbers each the 1st number represents the step number, the 2nd number represents the command number.

1 1. /gamerule naturalRegeneration false

1 2. /scoreboard objectives add kills playerKillCount

1 3. /scoreboard objectives add die deathCount

1 4. /scoreboard objectives add Hp health

1 5. /scoreboard objectives setdisplay list Hp

1 6. /scoreboard objectives add teamdisplay dummy

1 7. /scoreboard objectives add Player-Kills

1 8. /setworldspawn ~ ~ ~

1 9 /worldborder center ~ ~

1 10 /worldborder set 1000

1 11 /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

1 12 /scoreboard teams add yellow

1 13 /scoreboard teams add blue

1 14 /scoreboard teams add spectator

1 15 /scoreboard teams add red

1 16 /scoreboard teams add green

Place a repeater (any setting) between the next command blocks

1 17 /scoreboard teams option red color red

1 18 /scoreboard teams option blue color blue

1 19 /scoreboard teams option green color green

1 21 /scoreboard teams option yellow color yellow

1 22 /scoreboard teams option spectator color gray

Once you placed and typed all the command blocks in a row (like in the picture) place some redstone on top of them all, then place a redstone torch so that way there all being powered.

Step 2: The Command Blocks 2

these command blocks only need to be powered when u want to start the game

2 1. /gamemode spectator @a[team=spectator]

2 2. /kill @e[type=!Player]

2 3. /effect @a minecraft:saturation 10 10

2 4. /time set 300

2 5. /effect @a minecraft:instant_health 10 10

2 6. /worldborder set 100 6000

2 7. /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar teamdisplay

Place a repeater set on 4 before the next command block

2 8. /say starting in 3

Place a repeater set on 4 before the next command block

2 9. /say starting in 2

Place a repeater set on 4 before the next command block

2 10. /say starting NOW

Place a repeater set on 4 before the next command block

2 11. /spreadplayers ~ ~ 200 240 true @a

place redstone next to the command blocks (as shown in picture)

Step 3: Part 3, Your Almost Done

all of these command blocks should be attached to a comparitor clock (if you don't know what that is you can follow the picture)

3 1 /scoreboard players set @a kills 0

3 2 /scoreboard players set @a die 0

3 3 /effect @a[r=100,m=0] minecraft:weakness 10 100 true

3 4 /effect @a[r=100,m=0] minecraft:saturation 1 1 true

3 5 /effect @a[r=100,m=0] minecraft:mining_fatigue 10 100 true

3 6 /gamemode spectator @a[score_die=5,score_die_min=1]

3 7 /give @a[score_kills=5,score_kills_min=1] minecraft:golden_apple 1

your almost done all you need to do now is place down blue yellow red green stained clay and a quartz block and step on them to join a team

blue clay is blue team

green clay is green team

yellow clay is yellow team

red clay is red team

and quartz block is spectator

(the player will switch game mode once the game starts)

Iam sorry i don't have the exact world that i took the screen shots from (it got corrupted after i accidentally hit X instead of save and quit) but i have a fully implemented world that you can just download and play. heres the File

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