Introduction: Minecraft Umbrella and Beach Chair

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Hi!!!!!!!! This is my new instructable on making an umbrella and a beach chair! Its VERY EASY!!!!! This is for begginers! Im pretty sure everybody knows how to make these but i will be teaching the people who dont know how to do it! :) so, the things you'll need are:

• quartz slab
• quartz block
• fence (any type)
• wooden slab (any type)
• wooden stairs (any type)

Lets get going! ;)

Step 1: Stack Up 3 Fences

Use whatever kind u want! :)

Step 2: Place a Slab

Put it right on top of the stack

Step 3: More Slabs.......

It should look like an "X"

Step 4: Make It Longer

Now it should look like a bigger "X"

Step 5: Fill the Spaces in Between

Step 6: Remove the Slab in the Middle

Step 7: Place a Quartz Block in the Middle

And you've got an umbrella!!!

Step 8: The Chair - Place a Wooden Stair

Step 9: Place a Wooden Slab

Step 10: Add Signs

The signs are the armrests! :)

Step 11: You Are Done! :)

Thank you for checking out my instructable!
I hope you had fun! Just an FYI check out my other instructables too! Comment on what i should do next!