Introduction: Minecraft Barrier Parkour Map!

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Whattup guys, me again and this time gonna show you how to make a barrier parkour map. As said in my last instructable for making a kitpvp minigame, /give @p minecraft:barrier gives you a barrier. It's an invisible block. How can we parkour on invisible blocks? Wait and see.

Step 1: Planning Your Parkour.

Plan out which kind of parkour your gonna make, either pistons and redstone or just freerun. Free run is my style, so i will head right on.

Step 2: Freerun Glowstone

As you can see my character is standing on a red circle with a slash. This is the barrier block and it will soon turn invisible. How will i know where i put it? I Put a glowstone under it so people will jump and "hover" over it, but really just stand on a barrier. You can repeat this as far and high as you want. For the redstone part, you can allow people to stand on pistons if they hate being a barrier magician, or just let pistons push them off. It's minecraft, after all "THE POSSIBILITIES ARE INFINITE!" -Minecraft Slogan

Step 3: This Is My Finished Parkor

The cool thing is you can also place ladders on barriers!
Thanks for reading hoped you enjoyed follow like and comment nicely and cya later peeps :D and btw if you wanna play minecraft on mineplex sometime i use 1.8.1 and my user is SlimesCanCraft comment what server and all that and we can probably meet and play some minigames :D CYA PEEPS!!!