Introduction: Minecraft - the Auric Glider

About: Minecraft is my medium. Blocks are my tools, and..well thats about it really. Consider me a virtual Minecraft Architect, but otherwise I am but a humble creative freelancer outside the realms of the internet…

Deep in the confides of colonized space, stories of a mysterious vessel draped in gold was passed around as mere myth; ancient aliens and all that. In truth, it was only the glamorous ship of legendary merchantman Silvario Cruz, I say merchant....


The Auric Glider was composed of the finest intergalactic materials mankind could harvest from among the stars.
~ Gold bricks
~ Pillar Quartz bricks
~ Smooth Quartz bricks
~ Black Terracotta
~ Honey bricks
~ Dark tinted windows
~ Smooth Quartz Stairs
~ Acacia Wood
~ iron bars
~ Assorted storage boxes and chests
~ Whatever treasure may or may not have been inside.

Step 1:

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Step 6:

Step 7: The Auric Glider - Is It Real?

Is it real? Legend has it it vanished years ago, yet some persistent believers still report sightings across the known galaxy. It appears to be designed upon existing concepts of solar power, with the golden paneled sails providing the cleanest and fastest method of travel.

All interior design is purely based on conjecture and supposed insider access. It seems to be a blend of retro and futurist styles of luxury, the wooden floorboards reminiscent of the decks of luxury liners from a bygone era of human expansion.

One can explore the Auric on the Pocket Edition app using the seed above. If it doesn’t work, inform me and I shall seek a solution.

- DW