Introduction: Minecraft: the Villager Arcade: Archery

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I think most of us here on Instructables that play Minecraft can agree on one thing: Villagers are the most

  • ugly (have you seen their noses?)
  • pitiful (if you have, you'll understand)
  • brainless (seriously, all they do is walk around in circles...)
  • weird (have you heard their noises?)
  • soulless (no creature with a soul could make that noise)

little creatures that there ever were. (And I apologize deeply if you are one of those who sympathizes with the villagers. I do not mean to offend you XD)

But I have to say, when I see a villager, anytime, anywhere, my brain goes crazy. (Note: this may be a bit violent.)

  1. I see the villager.
  2. The villager sees me.
  3. The villager goes "Hrrrm", loudly, through the laptop speakers.
  4. My brain goes haywire.
  5. I start silently chanting, Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die...
  6. The villager says "Hrrrm" again.
  7. I take that as his plan to kill me.
  8. I whip out my diamond sword and stare at the villager in challenge.
  9. The villager nods.
  10. Just as I am about to slaughter it, it escapes.
  11. Into a pool of lava.
  12. Or a zombie's comforting arms.
  13. Either way, it dies.
  14. Yay XD

So, a perfect way to vent your anger and hatred through these awful little entities in a smooth, cool way is to create a Villager Arcade. And this edition of the Arcade is:

Villager Archery.

Have fun.

Step 1: The Minerails.

Build a 7x7 square of regular rails. Make two of the parallel sides powered rails and power them with a switch.

Under the middle of one of the regular rails sides, build a redstone lantern. Place a detector rail over the lantern. DO NOT POWER the lantern.

Your rail-square should look like the picture.

Step 2: The Up-And-Down Villager Target.

As you probably noticed, there is a villager that goes up and down, up and down, up and... well, you get the idea ^-^

To make this villager:

((I'm using superflat))

Dig a trench to the bedrock. Extend it forwards two blocks and place an up-facing sticky piston on top of the bedrock, at the end of the trench, opposite to the redstone lantern.

Place a layer of cobblestone on top of the bedrock. Then, place a line of redstone from under the sea lantern and to the piston.

Cover the trench with grass, or, since I'm doing this later, sea lanterns. Place a sea lantern on the sticky part of the piston.

Step 3: Making Walls.

In order to make the farthest-back villager target, you must raise the middle rail - the one exactly opposite to the redstone lantern - one block.

Then, build cobblestone in the U-shape, as shown in the picture.

Build it up as shown in the picture... and... pretty much follow the pictures from there.

Step 4: The Villagers.

Spawn a villager on the sea lantern that is above the piston. To keep it in, build a cobblestone fence.

Force a villager into a minecart. Set the minecart on its way - your archery range will now function!


When the minecart passes over the detector rail, it turns on the redstone lantern for a brief amount of time. (Mental note: Look up how many ticks it stays on.)

When the redstone lantern turns on, it powers the redstone below it, which then powers the piston for a short amount of time, causing the villager to pop up and down as the minecart travels the rails.

Step 5: I Hope That Made Sense.

I'm not too good at Minecraft instructables, so I hope that made sense.

Good luck with your archery :)