Introduction: Mini Backyard Into Green Space.

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Hey, so what was the inspiration for this? well,
1=> I have a mostly empty backyard, concrete floors all through.
2=> I have been reading up a lot on alternative energy, DIY stuff, and I wanted to add some more veggies into my diet.
3=> I had ample time ( between being on the farm and free code camp lesson time, I was not doing much else) It's the great lockdown period.
So with these in mind and with the help of my kid brother, I turned the boring backyard into a green space.

=> I installed a nice hanging garden,
=> A mini biogas system
=> And in the future an artificial fountain/waterfall will occupy a corner
So this is a pretty long one I guess and the steps will be broken down into different instructables.
I will update the links here.
That means this is purely the hanging garden instructable


****** Some old pipe lying around, it had a slit through it and a spacer wood was inside, over time (years) in the sun it sort of took on the shape so it came in handy.
*** Some PET bottles,
*** Some beautiful cement sculpture pots my brother and I made a while back.
Others will have their supplies listed in their own instructable (intuitive huh?).

Step 1: Vertical Kitchen Garden.

For the hanging garden, (who has a better name?) We will be using some pipes and PET bottles lying around.

Firstly the big pipe is slit along it's length as seen in image above and a spacer is added, in my case I used
a piece of shaped wood, and that's it.

Step 2: Tying the Beds Up.

Next, we will hang the "garden bed" to make our hanging garden right? Yeah. So cut a length of rope, and pass it through holes at both ends of the pipe bed [1st image]
Of course you need to tie a knot make sure it is a tight knot [2nd image] I would have explained my knot but I don't think it exists yet, lol just tie it up solidly and we are ready to hang it. The last picture is just to whet your appetite.

Step 3: Hanging the Beds to Make the Garden.

I hung mine from nails I attached to my backyard wall notice that i used a slip knot [ 1st -2nd images ]
Then I made one more just like the first and I hung it from the rope of the first one i didn't have enough to hang it all the way from the nail.

After making the bed, we move to hanging the PETs pots.
First we cut the bottoms off and ditched the caps too.
hanging this is pretty easy, just pop some holes in and make the knot inside the bottle. This part is really up to you, make it beautiful in your own way.


Step 4: Vertical Garden- Filling the Bottles

The bottles will be used to pot 2 plants, (so?) one from the open bottom and the other from... yeah the open top(wow!).
I don't think you need a refresher on planting in the open bottom(the part facing up), but for the open top (the one facing down)here's how.

1 cut a small square rag [image 1], you can use cotton wool too with some tweaks.
Tear a slit in it [image 2], wrap it around the seedling base [images 3,4] wet it a bit, then carefully insert it into the bottle so that the seedling hangs out of the bottle from the cap side.[image 5] fill in the rest with your potting soil and plant in the second opening (optional of you agree with the next paragraph)
Place the bottle on it's side for the seedling to grow and bend towards the light before hanging { I just feel this will not make it too much of a shock for the plant, imagine waking up upside down}
We are done with the garden, yeah. What you plant is up to you, but make sure the bed can contain the root of the adult plant before planting { tip :- this bed can't plant a backyard orange }.
I planted tomatoes, some veggies, onions, cucumbers and watermelons.

Step 5: Conclusion and Eye Food.

So, we are done, did you like it? are there rots and hard knots? drop the comments snide or not.
and do this asap also and come back to click the I made it ! button.
Also I entered this in the backyard challenge, think you might want to help me out a bit. Thanks and cheers to a healthier diet.
p.s do you like that onion? just cut the bottom part of your bulbs and let it sit over water in a tall container (the onion should not be submerged)

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