Introduction: Mini Barbie Doll Crafts

Do you love playing with barbie dolls but don't have the things in their size. You can just make them. Here I have made them with materials that are easily available at your house. Let's get started.

Step 1: Mini Color Pencils

Take few tooth pickers. Trim the tooth picker pointed edge like a pencil. Color the edge and remaining part with corresponding colors like shown in the picture. Mini color pencil sets are ready

Step 2: Mini Notebooks

Cut few of your favourite pictures from magazines which can be used as notebook cover. Same size white sheets can be cut. Stable inside the colourful cover as shown in the picture. Mini notebooks are ready

Step 3: Mini Bag

Cut the glitter foam sheet in to various size rectangle pieces. Stick together with the glue as shown in picture. Design your bag as per your choice. Mini bag is ready

Step 4: Mini Nailpolish, Perfumes, Shampoos

Take colorful beads and tooth picker. Cut the tooth picker into half a size. Insert it into beads. It will look like nail polish bottles. For shampoo bottles long bead and round bead stick together as shown in the picture. For perfume large round sized bead and small round bead stick together as shown in picture.

Step 5: Barbie Shoes

Cut a glitter foam sheet into shoe sole shape and upper side shape as shown in picture. Stick it with glue. Design as per your choice.

Step 6: Mini Strawberry Flavored Oreos

Cut black foam sheet in circular shape. Cut pink foam sheet in to circle shape. Insert pink circle into black circles. Stick together with glue

Step 7: Barbie Makeup Pallet

Cut two black rectangle foam sheets. Small square colorful foam sheets can be cut. Stick those in one rectangle black foam sheet. Stick another black foam sheet in perpendicular to the previous one. Cut a ear bud into half and can be designed as brush as shown in picture. Make-up is pallet ready

Step 8: Gift Box

Take a soap case. Slit one side to open like a gift box. Stick a colourful wrapper all over the sides. Keep all the mini crafts inside it. Wrap well with satin ribbon. You can keep inside your pockets wherever you go. You can also gift those to your friends

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