Introduction: Mini Boredom Busting Box

Are you ever bored and looking for something to fidget with? This mini boredom busting box is designed just for that! So whether you are waiting for your flight, or for your meal at a restaurant, this box is there for you! If you want to make a portable boredom busting box, just follow these steps, and you won't be bored ever again!


Printout of provided template.

Paper (construction paper or similar rigid paper)

A small box (a mint box works just fine)

Small round beads

Bendy straws

Step 1: Tangram

Now that you have your supplies, we are going to make a mini Tangram. Print the included template. Next, cut out the top square (Keep the bottom one for later). Cut all the marked shapes along the lines. Color each individual shape (front and back). Now, your Tangram is complete! Optional: you can cover the pieces with tape to make your Tangram more durable .

Step 2: Puzzle

Next we're going to make a puzzle. Cut out the second template (for some reason, the template is missing the bottom line, you can draw it in with a ruler.) Now, draw an image that fits in the square. Finally, cut-out the puzzle into pieces. Now you have a puzzle!

Step 3: Small Game of Marbles

This fun game of marbles is perfect to play around by yourself or with someone else. You will need a few small beads which will be your "marbles". Next, you will make your playing board. Grab a piece of paper, (this one can be colored), and a straw. Cut out a 6" x 2" (15 cm ✕ 5 cm) rectangle out of the paper. Now, cut the short rigid part of the straw, and then cut along the side of the straw as shown. Insert the straw piece on one side of the rectangle of paper using the slit you just made. Cut off any excess straw. Fold the "track" to fit your box. Take the straw part off, put it back on when you will use it. The straw piece marks the finish line. You now have a mini marble track. The goal is to flick the marbles, and the closest to the finish line (straw) wins!

Step 4: Flexible Stress Relief Worms

These little " worms " will make anyone relax and laugh a little. Take the bendy part of the straw you cut out earlier. Next, draw some eyes with a permanent marker or some acrylic paint. You now have a fun worm. Make a few more with different colors, and you can have a whole family! You can also cut some smaller ones to make baby worms.

Step 5: Putting Everything In...

Now we will organize our box. First, we will make small pockets with paper. Cut out 3, 3" x 2" rectangles (about 8 cm x 5 cm). Fold each of the rectangles in half and tape two edges (as shown). Now label the different games (mine say Tangram, Puzzle, and Marbles), and place the activities accordingly. The straw of the Marble track stays out. Fold the tops of your pouches down, and place them in your box. Finally, add in your "worms" and the piece of straw of your track, and then you're done!

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