Introduction: Mini Cactus Rock Garden

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This mini cactus rock garden will liven up any home or office space! With just a touch of paint to a few well placed rocks, your rock garden will be ready to light up the room.

This project is fun for all ages and can turn a hot summer day into a fun project day.

Step 1: Gather Materials


  • About 5 Rocks
  • Orange Paint
  • White Paint
  • Green Paint
  • An empty tuna can
  • A small paint brush
  • A medium paint brush
  • Enough gravel and small rocks to fill a tuna can

Step 2: Wash Everything

Quickly wash the rocks in the sink to get the dirt off. Then wait for them to dry. This will only take a second.

Once the rocks are done wash and dry the tuna fish can.

Step 3: Paint Rocks

With the green paint and the medium paint brush paint the rocks. To give the garden more texture make different shades of green by mixing different amounts of green and white together. Once one side is painted wait until it is dry before flipping it over and painting the other side.

Once the green is painted on add designs with the white paint. I would recommend using the smallest paint brush you have to get fine lines. To get ideas on what to paint, look at cacti online or at what I painted on mine.

Step 4: Paint the Can

Mix some white, brown, and orange paint to concoct a terra-cotta pot color. Then use this color to paint the outside of the tuna fish can. Let this dry before doing anything with it. If you think it is needed apply a second coat.

Step 5: "Plant" the Garden

Before you can "plant" the cacti, place the bigger rocks from your "gravel" pile into the bottom of the tin can. Then array the finished cacti onto the base of rocks. Once you have the arrangement that you like, spread the smaller pieces of gravel into all the nooks and crannies between the cacti rocks.

Step 6: Finished

Now that you are done you can place the finished product wherever you seem fit.

Enjoy your mini cactus garden!

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