Introduction: Revamp Your Pencil Bag

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School starts soon and instead of going out and buying new supplies every year why not save a few bucks and revamp your old supplies? There really isn't a reason not to. It is so simple and on top of that you will have one of a kind supplies.

After having the same pencil case for probably 5 years I decided it was time for a little update. I present to you how to revamp an old pencil bag.

Step 1: Supplies


  • Paint (I used black and white)
  • an Old Pencil Bag
  • Paintbrush
  • Water
  • Stencil *optional*

It is also useful to have something to mix paint and water on.

Step 2: Paint a Base Layer

Before you start painting mix some of your paint with a small amount of water. Using straight paint will not only use more paint but it will make your bag more rigid once it dries.

Once your paint is watered down a little, use a paintbrush and paint your pencil bag. This might take 2 coats depending on how watery your paint is. Let it dry in between coats and before moving on to the next step.


Don't use white as your base color. It will let the bag's original color show through.

Step 3: Add Style *optional*

You're just about done! (wasn't that easy?)

However, right now your bag is just a plain color and so if you want to add some flair (like polka dots) grab your stencil. If you like the solid color look, congrats you just made your life a little easier. Place your pencils in your revamped pencil bag and be ready to wow the kids at school.

Now, back to the stencil. First find a shape you like (I chose a medium sized circle). Then squeeze out some of your other colored paint and, with clean brush, apply paint to the stencil. If you don't have a stencil and still want to add some flair, just do a little free hand. Or cut your own!

Enjoy your new bag.

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