Introduction: Mini-Cardboard Chair

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In this project, we are going to take you through the steps of building a mini cardboardchair. All you need is a 200mm x 200mm square of cardboard and access to a laser cutter. This project is great for those looking for something simple and quick to do in order to put their skills to the test while expecting a rewarding outcome. This project can also be modified in many ways such as but not limited to changing the form or size of the chair components. A really great beginner project!

Step 1: Uploading the Components

The first step in the process is to upload the file of components to the computer that you will be laser cutting from. Attached below is the AI (adobe illustrator cs5) file that you will need to download and open up to cut. Check that the line thicknesses and colors match the preference settings that your machine uses to cut.

Step 2: Setting Up the Laser Cutter + Material

Begin by turning the machine on and making sure that there is nothing currently resting inside the machine. Place the square of cardboard into the machine and line up the corner with the laser point. Then make sure to auto adjust the focus of the laser to match the thickness of the cardboard. After these procedures are done, ensure the exhaust is on and close the cover of the machine.

Step 3: Cut Out the Parts

Next, check that all the cutting settings match the material and hit export when you are ready. To begin the process of cutting, hit start on the laser cutting machine. Remember to look away from the laser it can hurt your eyes, however, don't leave the laser alone in case a fire starts up inside the machine. Once the cut is done, carefully open the cover and remove the cardboard with ease. You should then be able to pop out each part and lay them out on the table.

Step 4: Assemble!

Finally, with extreme delicacy and caution, put the pieces together one by one so as to form the chair in the images above. The dimensions are very accurate and everything should come together with ease. If there is a defect in a piece, you can either choose to try and correct it manually using an Exacto knife, or you can choose to recut the piece. Once you're done, that's it! Look back at your creation and enjoy its miniature presence.

Well done on completing this project!

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