Introduction: Mini Cooking Pot

In this instructables, you can use coke can How to make a

miniature pot.

Using coke can, wood chips and resin. Make your own small

Step 1: Cola Can Cutting

Cut the middle of the coke can

Grind the upper part of the lid with sandpaper

After removing the lid, grind the bottom of the lid again

Leave only the ring part as you can see the picture.

Step 2: Making the Pot Body

Combine the top and bottom of the already cut can into one.

Step 3: Make the Pot Lid (1)

Prepare the underside of a completely used gas cylinder.

Pour resin and resin hardner in proportion

Step 4: Make the Pot Lid (2)

Drill a hole in the center of the removed lid and attach

the decoration.

Step 5: Making a Pot Handle (1)

Makes the middle of the bent stainless steel straw flat

Cut the upper part of the straw and make a hole.

Step 6: Making a Pot Handle (2)

Cut a piece of wood to fit the size

Make a hole for a straw in the middle of a piece of wood.

Put the straw in the prepared wood to complete the

Step 7: Assembly and Completion

Finally, connect the handle to the pot body and you are