Mini CrossBow ( Verry Powerfull)

Introduction: Mini CrossBow ( Verry Powerfull)

THANKS TO dragonego   I modded a bit ^^

Shoot Red rods shown in last step

movie will come later

shoots around 40ft + 

IMPORTAND! dont shoot on heads of people or animals ( my friend had 1 to his head he said it hurts verry much O,o )

u can put maney as rubber bands on it as u like and it can hold ^^

sorry for bad english

Step 1: The Stock

 put nice muzic on

1)make this
2)attatch the white rod as shown
3)put white rods like i did
4)Put 3 red on
5)put the bleu on and twist it like mine
6)put under the gray and up the green as shown
7)add the blue as shown
8-9) u should have this now

Step 2: Trigger Meganism

1) make this
2) slide a blue rod inside as shown
3) add 1orange conector at each side LOOK GOOD IF U DONT IT WILL NOT SHOOT!
4) side few of (3)
5) put at each side a bleu ring and a brown or gray conector + put a orange con as shown
6)make this
7) put it on like this PUT IT ON THE GOOD SIDE! OR IT WILL JAM !
8) conect it to the stock like this

Step 3: The Front

1) make this
2) Add the reds as shown
3) add a GRAY rod like this
4)make this its not hard so i didnt take picts of it con for con xD
5)attch 2 yellow rods as shown held together with orange con and put 1 bleu rod as shown
6) make this
7) put what u made by (6  on like this
8) attch it like this to the trigger and stock

Step 4: Finishing Touch

1) this is the bullet
2) add rubber bands for putting the trigger back in place  ( both sides the same amount of bands)
3) fireing bands put on as shown
4-5) loaded

pull back the orange con (fast and hard pull back) and it will shoot nice and hard ^^

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    8 years ago

    By the way, your English is not that bad. :)


    8 years ago

    Awesome! I don't quite have enough pieces. Will buy though. Anybody feeling genorous?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Dude, this is WORSE than those block trigger guns that spam Instructables, mostly because it uses an outdated mechanism on something that's BARELY a wireframe.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    It's using a crude variant of a mechanism that's been posted a LOT of times on MUCH better guns. Also, it's called a HANDLE, not a stock.