Introduction: Mini CrossBow ( Verry Powerfull)

THANKS TO dragonego   I modded a bit ^^

Shoot Red rods shown in last step

movie will come later

shoots around 40ft + 

IMPORTAND! dont shoot on heads of people or animals ( my friend had 1 to his head he said it hurts verry much O,o )

u can put maney as rubber bands on it as u like and it can hold ^^

sorry for bad english

Step 1: The Stock

 put nice muzic on

1)make this
2)attatch the white rod as shown
3)put white rods like i did
4)Put 3 red on
5)put the bleu on and twist it like mine
6)put under the gray and up the green as shown
7)add the blue as shown
8-9) u should have this now

Step 2: Trigger Meganism

1) make this
2) slide a blue rod inside as shown
3) add 1orange conector at each side LOOK GOOD IF U DONT IT WILL NOT SHOOT!
4) side few of (3)
5) put at each side a bleu ring and a brown or gray conector + put a orange con as shown
6)make this
7) put it on like this PUT IT ON THE GOOD SIDE! OR IT WILL JAM !
8) conect it to the stock like this

Step 3: The Front

1) make this
2) Add the reds as shown
3) add a GRAY rod like this
4)make this its not hard so i didnt take picts of it con for con xD
5)attch 2 yellow rods as shown held together with orange con and put 1 bleu rod as shown
6) make this
7) put what u made by (6  on like this
8) attch it like this to the trigger and stock

Step 4: Finishing Touch

1) this is the bullet
2) add rubber bands for putting the trigger back in place  ( both sides the same amount of bands)
3) fireing bands put on as shown
4-5) loaded

pull back the orange con (fast and hard pull back) and it will shoot nice and hard ^^