Introduction: Mini Disco Scene

Hi, my name is Lauren and today we are going to be making a mini disco scene. This is a fun project for your family and more. So let's get started

Step 1: Materials

-Tape(any kind will do)
-Cardboard (medium or large)
-Dark colored marker
-One blank sheet of paper

Step 2: Warning

-Scissors are sharp be carefull(I speak from experience)

-Be careful not to get a paper cut

Step 3: Floor

Cut out 4, 7 by 7 inch cardboard squares

Step 4: Floor Design

Pick one of your squares to be the floor and with your marker make a design to be your disco floor(it can be any design your want)

Step 5: Scene Box

Tape two squares on the side of your floor and tape the top

Step 6: Disco Ball

Ball up your blank piece of paper and wrap tape all around it

Step 7: Hanging the Disco Ball

Cut out a small 4 and a half inch strip of cardboard. Bend one side of the strip and tape the other side to the paper ball

Step 8: Tape in the Ball

Tape the bent side of the cardboard strip to the top of your scene box

Step 9: Disco Man

With a piece of cardboard draw and cut out a man or woman to put in your scene box

Step 10: Placing Your Disco Character

Bend the end of your character and place it on the floor of your dance floor

Step 11: Style

Style your disco scene to look more colorful and beautify ( add any thing you want the make it look festive)

Step 12: Enjoy

Enjoy your mini disco scene