Introduction: Mini-Droideka

About: 16yrs old. Building Armor out of Aluminium. From Germany. Love to all my Followers and Likers! <3

"Master! Destroyers!"―Obi-Wan Kenobi, upon seeing a droideka aboard the Saak'ak

Today we build our own little Battle droid. A Droideka out of Lego...

Step 1: The Pieces

These are the Pieces you will need. Try to find matching colors, i just found these, but you can do it better ^^

Step 2:

Add the "legs" to the ring, then attach the brown round piece. On the round piece you can stuck the two pieces that hold the cannons and the two black pieces (could also be one big, but just found two little xD).

Step 3:

Finish the Body with the two levers that represent the blasters. On the black piece you attach that handle-thing wich will hold the head.

The Head is easy, its a small exhaust, and a piece that holds the link.

Step 4:

Attach the Head to the Body just like on the Picture, easy, wasnt it?

Now you have your own little Droideka, Post your results below if you made it!