Introduction: Mini Flute- Seb Makes Stuff

so i got inspired to make a mini flute as a gift to my dad since he plays the flute, i couldnt find any help on doing something like this online so i decided to record this and share it, is the first time i do it so the quality may be low but i hope you can understand the process


this is what i used, you have some alternatives if you have more or less tools than I

-Drill- i used this as a lathe, actually i never drilled a thing

-rotary tool- i used a dremell 3000, you do need this one unless you come up with an idea to substitute it

-accesories: i used the drill bit that came with the dremell and an engraving cutter(no 113, 1/8")

-clamps- you need clamps for any project

-table-somewhere to work


for the flute:

-steel rod- i used one i had in my junk pile, its about 2/8"

-wire- for the keys, i got some of that stuff to clean smoking pipes and burned the "hair" to keep just the wire, that also gave it the dark colour

-aluminum- i used one of those aluminum plates for electric stuff, just get a flat piece of alluminum

-sand paper- 400, 600 and 800

-epoxy glue-

for the stand i made (you can think of another stand if you dont find the materials i used or if you dont like it, is simple)

-wood- i used a scrap block of pine, dimensions depend on the design of your flute

-hook an nail- for actually suporting the flute

-two magnets-i got them from a weird and incomplete neocube i have

Step 1: Design

when you start a project you should always get a design and a method for doing it based on that design, maybe you will modify it on the go or maybe not

-i searched online for flute dimensions and scaled them down so the total lenght of the flute was 6cm

-i draw the design and got my tools ready

Step 2: Raugh Shape

1.- cut the rod to the lenght of your design plus 2 cm to attach it to the lathe or drill

2.- attach the rod to the lathe/drill and use a sand paper to clean it while spinning

3.- once cleaned, using the rotary tool with the engraving accesory i made 2 little crevasses while spinning it (this is supposed to be the joint of the top and middle parts, you can glue a wire instead for more realism)

4.- fix the flute vertically and drill a hole using the engraving tool or a small drill bit, this is the hole where air goes, sorry for bad pic, the wole was horrible so i made another one but forgot to capture it

5.- cut the 2 extra cm and attach the flute from the bottom part to the lathe, spin it up and round the top part of the flute using sanding paper or a grinding stone for the dremell

Step 3: Final Details

1.-using the aluminium just cut down a nozzle shape and drill a hole with the engraving/drill bit for the dremmell

2.- glue the nozzle to the flute with epoxy

3.-using a wire twist it to form the keys (video comming soon so you can see how i did it)

4.- glue the keys with epoxy

the flute is ready

Step 4: Base

1.-cut a square block of desired lenght

2.-apply barnish

3.-hammer the nail in and screw the hook, experiment with how deep you go to get the flute to an angle you like

4.- add the magnets to the top of the hook and the nail head


im working on a video to get more specific, comming soon